Chris Brown must be a really big fan of the historic Air Jordan 3 because this man literally just got the popular sneaker tattooed right on his face. This week's news circuit has been filled with questionable tattoo designs -- most notably including Amber Rose and her boyfriend's new forehead markings -- but Chris Brown might take the cake on this one. For clarification, this tattoo isn't all that new... CB actually got it done back in August when he kicked off his world tour. However, it's trending now with people finally noticing the shoe permanently etched on his cheek, asking themselves why he would ever even think of getting the AJ3 silhouette inked up there. 

Just under his Black Pyramid logo, Chris Brown added a sneaker tattoo to the right side of his visage, perplexing the internet and forcing some to even reconsider their fandom of the star. In the comments to a photo that Complex posted of the artwork, people are wondering what's going on in the head of the multi-platinum singer, with actress Vanessa Hudgens voicing her confusion the loudest. "Ummmm," she wrote.

At least he didn't get the Air Jordan 2... Or, even worse, he could have gotten a Skechers jawn on there. Let's just be happy that he chose such a classic model. Are you feeling CB's new ink?