Chris Brown's recently been doing a run of interviews since the announcement of his new album, X. The r'n'b artist has been touching on a lot of topics, including all his beefs. In an interview with Big Boy on Power 106 in L.A. yesterday, Breezy discussed co-existing with Drake, and avoiding situations that will harm his career, among other things.

The r'n'b artist started by explaining that the Drake beef is not entertaining for him, and he does believe they can co-exist. "I mean, it's not entertaining for me, it's more me being real saying what I gotta say.. I ain't out here tryna go at him, I ain't got people going after him. I have my differences and he has his." 

Chris Brown added, "His music's still hot."

Breezy continued, referencing another situation in which a female DJ was playing Drake in a club, seemingly just to piss Brown off. "I'm not gunna put myself in a situation for anything to mess up my career," Brown said. "At the end of the day, it's the choices I make and me having to be able to not put myself in those situations, so it's just a learning process."

Brown continued in the second part of the interview discuss one of his hobbies, painting. He explained,"Well right now the stuff that I'm tryna do is more collaborations, so I just painted with a guy named OG Slick from around here and he's pretty dope, so a lot of the stuff I wanna do is kinda you would capture it on camera, like my personal camera, and then put it out as a webisode so you see the actual process of me doing it." When asked if he paints a lot, Breezy confirmed, "Yeah, I do it all the time, at my house, I paint inside my house."

Check out both parts of Chris' interview below.