Earlier this year, we received the first taste of what the next era of Chris Brown's career will be like. The talented vocalist released "Undecided" at the beginning of 2019, teasing that it was about to be a big year for him. We haven't heard a full project from CB in over a year with the last one being the monstrous Heartbreak On A Full Moon, loaded with enough content to last us for quite some time. The announcement of Indigo was extremely welcome among fans of the artist and although its release date is still unknown, it should be here in the coming months. Breezy recently pulled a Travis Scott and switched up his look, bleaching his hair blond and letting his braids hang.

While we're still waiting on some official announcements from Chris Brown about his music, there's always an abundance of buzz-worthy events going on in the man's life. This new look, which he recently debuted on Instagram, have fans appropriately "Undecided." Some fans are clowning the new do, saying that he looks like a mop. Others have stated that they prefer Breezy when he's not blonde. The majority of folks are feeling the fresh cut though, voicing their approval in the comments.

At least he didn't straighten his locks like Tyga did for a music video. Brown's friend and musical collaborator posted photos of himself with straight, fine hair and became a meme almost instantaneously.