There is no arguing that Chris Brown is one of the most talented musical figures we've ever come across. At this point in his career, the recording artist has impressed so many people with his beautiful voice, infectious energy, highly-skilled dance moves and more. Each time that CB announces an upcoming release, his loyal fanbase counts down until they can witness the greatness all over again. This week, the Virginia-born singer kicked off his INDIGOAT Tour to promote his latest album and he's already made a lasting impression on attendees. Uploading a gallery of shots to his social media pages, Brown drew several comparisons to the great Michael Jackson through both his dancing and his style, emulating the King of Pop in more ways than one.

Rocking his varsity jacket with a fedora atop his head, CB reminded his fans of MJ during a recent tour stop with several of them taking to his comments section to point out the similarities. "Michael would be proud," wrote one fan. "Cause you won't let his name die."

Whether the inspiration is intentional or not, you've got to give it up to Chris Brown for showing some love to the legends that came before him. Are you stopping by one of his upcoming shows?