We saw a bunch of rappers wearing Halloween costumes yesterday, and Chris Brown made the list, although in a different costume he sported on actual Halloween day.

Chris Brown, never one to shy away from controversial media attention, thought it best to wear an Arab terrorist costume yesterday.

The r'n'b singer tweeted a photo of himself and his crew (see below) sporting fake beards, guns, and robes stereotypically worn by Arab terrorists. He tweeted along with the image, according HHW, "Ain't nobody fucking wit my clique!!!" 

The backlash was present immediately, as fans and non-fans tweeted Breezy their disappointment in his choice of costume. Brown is perpetuating the stereotype that Muslims and Arabs are necessarily terrorists.

What do you think of Breezy's costume choice? Did he take it too far? 

Brown has yet to respond to the hate he's received or apologize for the unfortunate costume choice.