In November 2019, Chris Brown welcomed his newborn son Aeko Catori Brown into the world. The singer has been gushing over his baby boy for months, posting him on social media all the time and inviting us into his world. Unfortunately, with the recent shift in our lives due to the novel coronavirus, Brown hasn't been able to spend any time with Aeko. In fact, they're thousands of miles apart because Ammika Harris, CB's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, is living in Germany with the kid.

According to several sources, Chris Brown has been relegated to FaceTime calls with his toddler son because of the travel ban imposed on anybody coming from Europe to the United States. To slow the spread of COVID-19, non-essential travel between Europe and the United States has been temporarily suspended, meaning Aeko and Ammika are stuck in a whole other continent, unable to see Chris.

Harris went to Germany in January 2020 to do photoshoots for Fashion Nova and hang out with her mother, who lives over there. 

Chris Brown is reportedly unsure of the next time he'll be able to see his son, which is worrying him. Thus far, he has not commented publicly on the travel ban, or what it means for his family in the short-term.

Hopefully, they're able to reunite sooner rather than later.