Back from a trip to Uganda, French Montana met TMZ paparazzi outside a seafood joint in L.A. He revealed that his team hired Ugandan kids to dance in a music video they shot in the third world nation. The rapper said the experience opened his eyes.

"The realest talent is not here," French said. "These kids I went to go see dance better than Chris Brown. They don't have no TV. So watch Friday when I drop my video you gonna see real dance moves."

The South Bronx native said he saw these East African kids dance on rocks in the mud. The Coke Boy must have been impressed because he's developed a close relationship with C-Breezy through performances and collaborations such as "Moses" and "Hold Up."

"I traveled somewhere that touched my heart," he continued. "I traveled somewhere that I never knew people still lived like that. I traveled somewhere where it's like a life don't mean nothing, you know what I'm saying? I just want to spread the word, especially with everything that's going on right now in the United States and everything. I just want to let people know there's people really living like that, so open your eyes and help people out there."

His new video drops Friday, April 7.