Conspiracy theorists stick together, it seems. Kyrie Irving, a flat-earther and anti-vaxxer, has a friend in Chris Brown, another celebrity that has a history of sharing contrarian takes on social media, and is sometimes known for pushing his own conspiracy theories.

Following a long month of media scrutiny as Kyrie Irving refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine, effectively losing out on millions of dollars and potentially costing his team a title, Chris Brown has co-signed Kyrie's anti-vaxx stance, calling the hoops star "the real hero" as he continues to be criticized on social media.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Sharing a picture of Kyrie on his Instagram Stories, Chris wrote, "THE REAL HERO!!!! I stand with my brother. WHOEVER DON'T LIKE IT.... Go live your damn life.. ITS HIS CHOICE AND A DAMN GOOD ONE. ALWAYS IN MY BROTHERS CORNER."

Without protection against the virus by way of the jab, anti-vaxxers might not have the best chance to "just live their damn lives." 

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Regardless of what Kyrie Irving and Chris Brown think, vaccination is still the most effective way to protect yourself and others against COVID-19. While it does not eliminate the virus, it provides your body with the tools it needs to fight it, lowering your chances of ending up in the hospital or, even worse, dying from it. If you haven't been vaccinated yet, find out where you can go to get the jab here.