Most parents are willing to buy their kids a pet as they grow older. They typically look at getting a fish for starters or even a cat or a dog. However, like most things Chris Brown does, he tries to go above and beyond. In a recent Instragram post, he revealed that he bought his three year old daughter a pet monkey.

Chris Brown doesn't do things regularly and he made sure that he made that clear in a recent Instagram post. The 28 year old singer revealed that he bought his daughter a pet monkey. In the video, Royalty holds a baby monkey wrapped up in a blanket while Chris Brown shows off his latest pet. He jokes that the monkey will end up bigger than his daughter and they share the similar size head.

"Roro, that's your baby?" he says, "She's gonna be bigger than you mane. Y'all got the same size head."

While Brown looks at it as a solid gift to his daughter, it's also caused uproar. While there's a lot of people saying it's cute that he bought his daughter a pet monkey, many are also criticizing the fact that he's promoting the vicious wildlife trade. A lot of them saying the monkey is better off back in the wildlife with its mother. 

Aside from the monkey, Chris Brown recently celebrated receiving forty plaques this year alongside selling 74.5 million units in singles and albums combined. 

Watch his Instagram post below: