Chris Brown is currently on his "inidiGOAT tour", touring his Indigo album that got an extended re-release this past Friday. He has repeatedly shown on Instagram that he is devoted and loving father to his five-year-old daughter, Royalty. Followers always go nuts for Royalty content. However, now, they're not only commenting on her adorable face, but her blossoming personality as well. Seeing celebrities' kids grow up is always a shocking barometer of how much we have aged too. 

At his last tour stop in Houston on Saturday, Chris brought Royalty on stage, while waving farewell to the crowd. This is not the first time that Brown has brought his little girl out at one of his shows. Before the show, he also posted a video of her stunting in a Dior tracksuit, while his Drake-assisted hit, "No Guidance" plays in the background. She posed and blew kisses as her dad gave a full pan of the fit that also included a chain and colorful pair of Air Max's. The confidence she radiates in the video might make her cut out for stardom in the future

Chris' ongoing tour has sparked a few headlines. Just last week, he made the unconventional move of making out with one of his dancers mid-performance. There was also that viral video of him dancing that made people question whether 50 Cent was right to consider him a better performer than Michael Jackson