Chris Brown really wants to leave the Philippines.

The singer is currently moored in Manila after the Philippine Department of Justice blocked his attempt to exit the country as his plane sat on the tarmac ready to head to his next show in Hong Kong. It's only been a day or two, but he's already going stir crazy.

In a new Instagram post, he got down as his knees and begged to anyone who was listening for help.

“Please, please let us leave!” he said before getting up and successfully executing a backflip.

Looks like he's hoping President Obama might call in a favor on his behalf, based on his caption: “OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Previously Breezy hit the worm and his whip as he pretended to go through customs. He appears to have a pretty dope setup over there in Manila, so hard to feel too bad for him.

Watch the videos below.