Amid the pandemic, Netflix has been a go-to spot for most of us — understandably. So, if you're anything like me and you've managed to go through nearly all of the movies and TV shows that the streaming service has to offer, Chris Brown's latest proposal may pique your interest. The "Go Crazy" singer reached out to Netflix on Thursday via his Instagram story, urging them to start adding music videos. 

"Would be kinda cool if music videos were a part of Netflix," he wrote. "Would give artists hella exposure." Looks like Brown might be onto something here. Having movies, TV shows, and music videos all in one place would be ideal, and it would certainly help bring eyes and ears to artists who need the exposure.

Brown seems to be having a very solid week outside of pitching this absolutely brilliant idea to Netflix. Yesterday he shared a selfie with a holier than thou caption that reads: "Your BLESSINGS come from your attitude. BE BLESSED," and on Tuesday, he was gifted a giant, super-fast, military-grade tank worth upward of $500K by Kanye West, which he made sure to share on the Gram. "THANK YOU KANYE," he wrote.

Furthermore, in case you missed it, in early November, Brown joined the surprisingly long list of celebrities to launch an OnlyFans account, including Michael B. Jordan, Blac Chyna, B. Simone, Amber Rose, Jordyn Woods, and Cardi B — naturally fans went wild for it.