Chris Brown's fans are some of the most loyal in the music biz. But when a member of Team Breezy had the audacity to complain about seats at his shows, Brown belittled her with no mercy.

"Buy your tickets in a better spot instead of complaining like a lame," he posted in the comment section to her IG post.

The fan, who goes by the name jazlynbreezyofficial, had expressed hope to get good seats because she'd heard rumblings that the stage was too high at his shows. After careful consideration though, the singer apologized to the ticket holder, followed her on IG and explained his train of thought as best he could.

"Well I apologize because I remember you and I commented under the complaint I read," he posted, addressing himself to the fan. "As fans, YALL don't realize that you don't help the issue by tagging me with your fears. You guys often speak for me or put things out there that are false and unnecessary and I'm wrong if I say something. this is not directed at you because once again I apologize. TEAM BREEZY NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT "TEAM" means. hope you have fun at the show."

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