Whether they're teaming up against Drake on Hot 97 or popping bottles together in the club, Chris Brown and Tyga have had quite the bromance going for a number of years now. Along with scandals and drama galore, the duo are also responsible for some of the finest pop-rap tunes in the last five years. Today marks the release of their new joint project Fan Of A Fan: The Album, so we thought we'd take some time to look back on their five finest tracks together. 

First linking up for 2010's original Fan Of A Fan tape, the duo went on to guest on a number of each others' solo tracks in the ensuing years, meaning we have a lot to pick from. For that reason, we won't be selecting any of the new album's tracks, as they haven't had as much time to sink in. With any list, there are notable exceptions, and so this time we're giving honorable mentions to "Wonder Woman," "When To Stop" and "Holla @ Me."

Read on to see Tyga and Chris Brown's five greatest hits and be sure to cop Fan Of A Fan: The Album on iTunes.