Tyga has been outspoken about his label situation lately, and Lil Wayne seems to have taken a similar stance against Cash Money, with both rappers tweeting their frustrations. Tyga recently sent out a tweet saying he'd be dropping his album The Gold Album independently, and expanded on this slightly during a joint interview with Chris Brown for Power 106 in L.A. The rapper and singer also spoke on their anticipated joint effort, Fan of a Fan 2, revealing when we can expect the first single.

First discussing Fan of a Fan 2, the two said, "It's perfect timing," referencing the fact that they are going on tour together, "and we got more than enough records."

When asked how many records they have for the project, Tyga revealed, "About 20, 20-something, 30." Chris Brown then added, "But we probably gunna make it to about 15...The way the album kinda goes it's just hit after hit, when we went it in it was effortless so a lot of it just all vibing and us having fun. So making the album about party life and how we do."

Breezy shared, "The first song is coming out the beginning of January, we already got it locked and loaded, Knick Knack produced it."

Tyga closed things out by speaking on The Gold Album, and saying he's working on being released from his Cash Money deal. "The album is done, I'm gunna put it out independent, I'm getting out of my deal right now," the rapper revealed. "As an artist, at the end of the day what we do creatively should never be imprisoned. It's not a selfish thing it's just not fair to the fans-- you know you got millions of people that want your music, and they don't understand the behind-the-scenes and the politics."

"I'm dropping my stuff, I'm paying for my own videos, I'm going," he added. Watch the full interview below, and speaking of his own videos, watch his latest visual for "Make It Work" here.