When Chvrches released a joint statement about Marshmello's new single with Chris Brown and Tyga, denouncing him and the featured artists, fans were appalled at the audacity of what was being said. We've heard all that there is to be said about Chris Brown's personal life and his controversial past. Breezy was criticized because of his history of domestic abuse while Tyga was shunned for his relationship with Kylie Jenner. You'll recall that she was sixteen when they started dating. What Chvrches failed to acknowledge though is that both of these incidents happened many years ago and both parties appear to have learned from their past mistakes. Chris hasn't been involved in any domestic disputes in years and Tyga's only issues are related to his finances. Now, both rappers' fanbases have effectively forced Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry out of her house, which she noted on Twitter.

Mayberry says that she and her bandmates were simply speaking up about being "morally conscious" but it may not have been the best idea because now, they don't feel safe anywhere they go. The group has admittedly had to amp up security for their tour dates and when they end their run on the road, Mayberry says she's too scared to stay at her home. "I am not staying in my own home when we finish tour because the threats we have received have reached such a scale," tweeted the singer. "We have to have the police at our shows now. If that’s what I deserve for saying mainstream music should be more morally conscious, then so be it. You’re right."