Chris Brown and Tank recently teamed up for Tank's new banger "Shots Fired." The single, which seems to be gaining more and more momentum since its release, is also getting the visual treatment. HotNewHipHop was on the set during the video shoot, so we got to ask Chris and Tank a few questions about how the collaboration between the two r'n'b artists came about.

Chris Brown initially took over Jen DeLeon's interview, but once Jen got the mic back, she directed questions to both singers. Tank explained why he chose to connect with Chris Brown for the single, which is off his upcoming album. "CB is, that's a brother to me," Tank said. "So when turning up-- this is actually my first turn up ever-- so I was like if I'm gunna turn up, I gotta turn up with my bro. People who hear the song off the top, they know what it is, they feel it, they understand it, but once they see the visual and just see the heart and soul that my young fella put into this song, it's absolutely amazing," Tank said, praising Breezy's appearance on the track.

Chris Brown definitely kept the interview playful, and mentioned the amount of women on set for "Shots Fired" multiple times. Speaking about the video shoot, Chris said, "This video, the preparation for the video been great...It's always great and it's always a lot more energy when there's beautiful ladies around." The singer continued, "For us being entertainers and r'n'b kinda guys that sing mainly to..I would say 95% of our audience is female, so us being able to do a song that can play in the club and also be translated as fun and energetic it's something we wanted to do and we love it."

Check out Chris and Tank's full interview below, where Jen asks them a few more personal questions.