It looks like the Chris Brown & Soulja Boy boxing match is going to happen, but unfortunately it won’t be here in the U.S. According to TMZ, Chris Brown & Soulja Boy are looking to pull off their boxing match overseas in Dubai.

Close sources told TMZ that both Chris & Soulja genuinely dislike each other & want the boxing to match to go down, but what they want more than anything is a huge paycheck by running the fight on Pay-Per-View. With Las Vegas originally in their mind, it turns out Vegas would be pretty much impossible to pull off, especially with their “drug test” regulations & rules for amateur fights, which neither Chris or Soulja could pass.

TMZ has learned that the parties are looking to box overseas, and Dubai is their first choice. They think the PPV event would bring in millions, and some of that would go to their charity of choice.

It was just confirmed that Mike Tyson is not only training Chris Brown now, but he's also teaming up with Breezy for a new diss record as well (which you can preview here). Floyd Mayweather is on team Soulja if you didn't know (see pic).

We’ll continue to keep you posted on this entertaining boxing match story moving forward.