Earlier this week, Rihanna's fans were unimpressed when Chris Brown left a comment on one of her Instagram photos. She had posted an image of herself wearing an item from her lingerie brand to promote their Black Friday sale, which impressed a good number of her peers. Meek Mill left his own comment and Chris Brown shared the flustered face emoji. The Rihanna Navy took to social media to condemn him for sliding into the comments section after all they've gone through in the last decade. While the two haven't been seen together in forever, Rih's fans are some of the most protective in the world and they're scared for Chris to be let back into her life. Thankfully for them, it appears as though they don't have much of a friendship these days. 

According to Page Six, a source close to Rihanna says that the two don't ever talk. "She’s still with her boyfriend," added the unnamed person, revealing that she's totally smitten by Hassan Jameel. Breezy commented on a shirtless photo of the Bajan superstar, leading many to wonder whether they were back on good terms. Over the years, it's been reported that they share a close friendship in their private lives but if this new information is to be believed, that's false.