Chris Brown, consistently in the news for legal trouble, has some more coming in his way as we reported yesterday. Apparently Breezy is being accused of falsifying or not completing his community service, and as well as calling Frank Ocean a "faggot" in their recent brawl.  On top of this, Tony Parker is still pursuing his W.i.P. nightclub lawsuit, using Brown's recent fight with Frank Ocean as evidence that Brown is unstable.

Chris Brown isn't one to take all this bad publicity lying down-- while his lawyer has responded to the D.A.'s recent accusations regarding his community service, the r'n'b singer also released a lengthy statement on Instagram.

Mark Geragos, Chris's lawyer, said that the demand to revoke Chris' probation is "shameful and a disgrace." He continued, "In essence, it calls everyone a liar in the Richmond Police Department and the Virginia Probation Department." He also said that he would seek sanctions from the D.A.'s office for filing such a "frivolous, scurrilous and frankly defamatory motion." 

Chris Brown had his own thoughts to share on his recent scandals. Read his full statement below.

"I love ya'll but ya'll getting repetitive telling me to relax. no I'm not gonna relax. Im makin an album right now ... and ya'll tell me not to pay attention to it. How can I not when it's on my radio, TV, and everything else ... even if I did relax I wouldn't stop hearing about it .. ya'll are everything to me ya'll know this but telling me to ignore it is like telling me to walk around with a blindfold and stick earplugs in my ear .. Im wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough, yo!!

Yes it bothers me but it's not my main focus! my music is ... and when I speak on it .. its because I want people to know how I feel .. yes they talked about Jesus ... but "him" I am not him, not even close!!!

Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect Im sick of being accused ... Im tired yall Just don't understand Ive been going through this sh*t since I was 19 years old .. You cant sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? 

When can I get that feed back? 

Im TIRED do you read me Im tired!!!!!! Im not gonna sit here and play victim, Im just tired of this shit ... I pray every day and night for a new outcome ... and just when everythnig seems to be going good some new sh*t happens. 

A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not! 

Ya'll don't wanna be in my predicament ... before ya'll say Im weak remember what Ive been through ... my soul cries for positivity Im not broken I am STRONG .... but being so doesn't"


[Update: Chris Brown's Instagram rant, as seen above, is reportedly a fake]

With Chris Brown's slew of legal troubles, and his known past of venting his frustrations through social media, no one doubted that the rant from Brown's reported Instagram account, (as seen above) was real. However, now the NY Post reports that a rep for singer has confirmed it is a fake, and noted Brown no longer has an Instagram account. The Instagram account to which the rant was posted, ChrisRealBrown, has since been taken down.