We've been hearing a lot about Chris Brown and Karrueche's slow and painful breakup over the last couple of months, mostly through social media posts. Karrueche's recent interview with Big Boy was pretty much the first time we'd actually heard either party speak at length about the situation, where she declared the relationship was officially over, but it looks like the last straw may have come last night when the two attempted to talk things out.

TMZ reports it was actually Chris who was behind the meet-up, allegedly reserving a table next to his ex at the Playhouse club in L.A., which didn't go over well when Tran realized what had happened. She reportedly stormed out, but later ended up arguing with Chris in her SUV. Later that night, it's said that Brown came to her door looking for her, and after some convincing she agreed to meet in a public space.

The two went to Norm's diner where things went off the rails, as the two reportedly got into a screaming match in the middle of the restaurant, after which, Tran and Brown went their separate ways.

Watch a clip of the two leaving the first club below.