Chris Brown was one of the most prolific artists across all genres in 2017. He's now one of the ten most successful R&B singers in the eyes of the RIAA and is showing no signs of slowing, even though he released a massive 46-track album less than three months ago. His next big release? Potentially a collaboration with fellow crooner Jacquees.

Previewing a clip of this upcoming track on Brown's Instagram, both he and Jacquees can be seen vibing pretty hard to this new song. It's unclear when this will see the light of day, nor how long they've been working on this in studio together, but one thing is for sure: the record sounds like it's another certified hit for Breezy, a man who can literally do no wrong right now when it comes to his music output. Check out the preview clip below.

It really is remarkable just how much material Brown is able to generate on a month-to-month basis, firing off song after song with relative ease. Jacquees, who is already a respected name in the R&B world, has certainly aligned himself with Breezy at the right time. Though the two have supposedly been very close for a little while now, this teaming of minds and voices could mean that Jacquees ends up with a major crossover hit when it's all said and done.

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