One of the many lawsuits that were a result of Drake and Chris Brown's infamous brawl at a nightclub in New York last summer has finally come to an end. Drake and Chris came out on top in the suit filed by Entertainment Enterprises, the company behind the Greenhouse nightclub in NYC.

A New York judge ruled that neither rapper owes a cent in regards to the $16 million lawsuit. Although the brawl took place at W.i.P. nightclub, which is across from Greenhouse, EE sued because they said their reputation took a massive hit because of their proximity to the fight, and apparently that cost them a lot of money.

Drake responded to the suit that it wasn't his fault, because he can't control how the media depicted the incident. A judge took Drizzy's side. The judge said Drake and Chris Brown were not required to behave in any specific way at the club, especially since the brawl didn't even take place on Greenhouse premises. Although it was unfortunate the brawl occurred, the judge said nightclub fights aren't uncommon, and EE can't go suing whenever one happens.