When you're the son of a rap legend like Diddy, opportunities in the music industry might come a little easier for you - after all, it's all about who you know, right? That being said, once you have the opportunity, it takes talent to follow through and make a creative idea a reality, and that's what the mogul's son, Christian Combs, looks to have done.

Diddy shared a video clip on social media of the younger Combs' upcoming track that he's got cooking with none other than R&B sensation Chris Brown. The collab, which Diddy says is called "I Love You Better," has the hooky, sensual feel of Brown's most recognizable work. It's unclear just how big a contribution Combs makes on the record itself, but just having your name alongside Breezy's in the credits is one way to get your music career a much-needed shot of adrenaline, especially starting out. Check out the teaser below.

Brown is an artist of almost indefatigable creative output, with his most recent album as a prime example. Heartbreak on a Full Moon, which many listeners found to be unwieldy at 46 songs in length, proved that the singer's fan base is nonetheless stronger than ever. As we previously reported, every track on that album has either been certified Gold or Platinum by the RIAA, the result of tens of millions of streams across all platforms. Whatever Breezy's strategy is, in terms of content and releasing it in a certain way, it's working.

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