The alleged victim claiming that she was sexually assaulted by Chris Brown and assaulted by his bodyguard and friend has come forward with details about the alleged incident. Closer Magazine,  who broke the news of the accusations against Brown, published an article in which they claimed to have interviewed the alleged victim. The woman, who the publication named Karima to protect her identity, said the alleged incident lasted 25-30 minutes, describing her experience as "brutal and violent."

Mychal Watts/Getty Images 

Karima told the publication she met Brown at the Mandarin Oriental hotel around 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 15th before heading out to the nightclub. She says she didn't want to go back to the hotel with the group she was with which included Brown and his friends, but they convinced her to return. From there, she says she went to the bathroom and Brown followed her and  "catches me by the right arm. He makes me enter a sort of dressing room. He closed the door ... it lasted 25 - 30 minutes."

She details the alleged rape as "brutal and violent" and says he was "threatening and aggressive. She also says she was abused by Brown's friend and the singer's bodyguard. 

She went to police two days later. Although she admits she was scared, she says that she didn't want Brown to "be able to do the same things to other girls."

Sources close to Brown tell TMZ that he was never alone with the alleged victim, saying the singer's rumored girlfriend, Amika Harris, was in the hotel room the whole time. He says more than "20 people" were in the room, listening to music off of Brown's iPhone.