Chris Brown is taking his music career slow in 2021, instead making room for his other artistic interests. The singer, who has a known 30+ tattoos, shared a newcomer to the collection yesterday with a new large ink piece on what appears to be his thigh.

The tattoo resembles the old manga and anime series Astro Boy. It's actually his second Astro Boy tattoo, though this one is much more intricate and open to interpretation. The ink sees the unwinding of the character's physical form to reveal a scarier and seemingly lifeless image of the iconic character. 

Chris Brown

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Brown's connection to the Japanese series is well documented. Brown got his first Astro Boy tattoo in 2016 with the character's signature face on the back of one of his calves. Earlier this year, Brown posted a picture of his son to Twitter with the caption "ASTRO BOY." Though it's unclear whether he connects himself to the character or his son, fans have wasted little time speculating about a deeper meaning to the image.

One user writes "Don’t understand it but it goes hard," while another responded with what they think the meaning is: "they think ima robot, but I feel dead inside". Another user clarified what the artwork, which Brown reportedly drew himself, was: "it’s a realism drawing of Astro boy with a boy inside." Others were just simply shocked to see that he had any room left for another tattoo: "this man still got space to put tattoos on him?"

Do you think the new tattoo is a good fit? Did the tattoo artist do him justice? Let us know and check out the ink below: