Yesterday, pictures surfaced of Chris Brown channeling his inner Wayne Brady at a party. That's not to say he didn't indulge in a bit of playful improvisation, because the jury is still out on that front. In essence, TMZ captured footage of him "playfully" choking a female friend, which he previously described as "all in good fun." To be honest, he's probably right; the incident was undeniably taken out of context, although it's difficult to say what prompted the horseplay. Perhaps Chris and his friend were simply reminiscing on their favourite WWE finishing moves; Breezy does have the air of a die-hard Undertaker fan about him. 

Naturally, Chris Brown haters were quick to hop in the DeLoreans and travel back to the infamous incident, which went on to tarnish his reputation to this day. As the incriminating nature of the photographs clearly stirred up passionate feelings in his most vocal critics, it wasn't long before the images went viral. What followed was a civil war of sorts between Brown fans and haters, a tired retread of past debates. Suffice it to say, nobody is changing anybody's mind on this one. 

Breezy himself eventually took to Instagram to weigh in on the images. " "Y'all know damn well I ain't going down that road," he writes. "There is no need to even defend myself on the matter. Everyone that's around (girl/guy) are my HOMIES. NO FOUL PLAY... NO IGNORANT S**T. END of discussion. LOVE"

No matter where you stand on Chris Brown, it's clear that his reputation will never be the same. Either way, that hasn't stopped him from racking up wins; these days, he seems to be dropping more music than ever before.