His troubled relationships with both nightclubs and women continues, as Chris Brown is being accused by a woman of shoving her to the ground at a club and causing her to badly injure her knee.  

The woman was in the VIP section of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim and Breezy had just finished performing and then joined club-goers in the VIP area.  Details are murky, but the woman, Deanna Gines tells TMZ that when the bar was closing up Brown was angry about something and ending up throwing her to the ground.  

Gines says she filed a police report and then went to the hospital to get her knee looked at where doctors informed her she had torn ligaments that would require surgery.  One of the singer's representatives addressed the matter saying that this is not true and Chris was in good spirits that night, "I'm unaware of the incident, as is Chris' lawyer and his entire team.  He was in a great mood after Powerhouse...None of this makes sense."

[Update: Club Owner Says Chris Not At Fault]

So apparently Chris Brown's female accuser is full of it. According to TMZ, the club owner said Chris Brown never even touched the female.

The owner of HEAT said 24 year old Deanna Gines had repeatedly tried to jump on stage during Chris' performance at the club, and later tried to rush Chris in his roped-off VIP area. She was tossed as a result of her behavior and while being taken out, the owner says Gines took off her heels and threw them at security.

The owner also mentioned that they had called the police to arrest the female, but eventually let her go home with her friends. When asked about Gines injuries, he stated,

"Heat staff and security did what they had to do. (Chris) was a complete gentleman."

[Update: Alleged Victim Files $25,000 Lawsuit]

Despite claims from both Chris and the owner of the club indicating Brown's innocence, alleged "pushing" victim Deanna Gines has decided to go through with a full lawsuit against the singer, looking for a minimum of 25,000 for damages.

The last time she spoke to TMZ live, Deanna insisted that all she wanted was an apology from Breezy, but is now suing both Chris and the nightclub for battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Neither the singer nor club has responded to the suit.