UPDATE #2: Not only has Chris Brown responded to the allegations against him, it has also been revealed that the accuser, Liziane Gutierrez, has been involved in past drama with another male R&B singer, namely Jason Derulo. This past August, TMZ shared a video of Gutierrez complaining to the paparazzi after she wasn't let in Derulo's car outside of a Vegas club. 

As for Brown, he recently shared his own video response, during which he says, "I don't know this old looking bitch. This bitch is old, like dusty. Look at her in the Jason Derulo video...she probably came to my room and was too ugly to get in." 

UPDATE: A rep for Chris Brown has told TMZ that the accusations against the singer are "undeniably untrue." 

Original story below: 

Las Vegas police are investigating Chris Brown for potentially assaulting a woman during a private party held in his suite at the Palms Hotel early Saturday morning. The victim in question, Liziane Gutierrez, told TMZ that Brown punched her in one eye after she took a picture of the singer on her cellphone. 

After Brown allegedly punched her, Gutierrez claims she left the hotel and called the police a few hours later to report the assault. She was not taken to the hospital. 

The incident is currently under investigation, and police say Brown is being treated as a suspect. You can see a photo Gutierrez shared of her "alleged injury" on TMZ's website