Chris Bosh hasn't played in the NBA since February of 2016 because of blood clot issues, but he has remained on the Miami Heat roster despite the fact that team doctors refused to clear him to take part in training camp.

Bosh's time in Miami is coming to an end though according to an ESPN report the states the Miami Heat, Bosh and the players' union have tentatively agreed to a resolution that would allow all parties to move on.

The agreement is expected to remove Chris Bosh from Miami's salary cap. 

Per ESPN's Brian Windhorst,

"Part of the reason this process has been so drawn out is the sides are caught between two collective bargaining agreements with differing rules on players with potentially life-threatening medical conditions. The new CBA, which takes effect July 1, has new policies for evaluating player health, partially because of Bosh's situation."

"Under the current rules, if he were to return and play more than 25 games for another team, his salary cap hit would return to the Heat's books and they would potentially face luxury tax penalties."

Bosh, now 33 years old, has remained hopeful that he can find a way to play for another team in the near future.