Once again former Roc-a-Fella videographer and director, Arthur 'Choke No Joke' Alston is taking shots at Jay Z, and this time it's over Hov's bars on Jay Electronica's debut album, A Written Testimony (2020). It seems like ever since the fall of Roc-a-Fella Records, Choke No Joke has been using his platform to slander Jay Z at any given moment or time. Throughout Jay Elec's debut LP, Jay Z chose to address a variety of subjects including his deal with the NFL, ownership, and more. However, on one particular entitled "Ghost of Soulja Slim," Hov did make a direct reference of Choke No Joke throughout his initial verse.Choke No Joke Responds To Jay Z's "A Written Testimony" Bars Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

Jay kicks off his verse rapping:

"Next time they bring up the Gods, you gon' respect us
That lil' vest ain't gonna do you, I shoot from neck up
I ain't even tryna hold ya, Magnolia Slim
I'm a soldier from that mode, I'm the ghost of him
From the era of police stretcher, no cameras catch it
Drop you off in a rival hood, you rather be arrested"

Then proceeds to reference Choke No Joke in the following bar before referencing his twin child Rumi Carter and the destruction of imperialistic ideals by infiltrating corrupt systems from within, stating:

"If you didn't have no straps, you couldn't wear your necklace
Niggas hand around your throat, that's a choker reference
My ancestors took old food, made soul food
Jim Crow's a troll too, he stole the soul music
That's the blood that goes through me, so you assumin'
I could never sell my soul, they sold they soul to me
Peaceful teaching of Rumi, but don't confuse me
You mouth off for the cameras, I make a silent movie
Now here's some jewelry
No civilization is conquered from the outside until it destroys itself from within
Pen, put a pin in that, will come back when I fin"

Of course, Choke No Joke didn't take too kindly being referenced in one of Hov's verses and took to his Instagram account to voice his disdain for Jay's semi-silent shots. The director went on to post a photo of Jay Electronica's album cover and "Ghost of Soulja Slim" song captioning it:

"Hey Jay-Z 'If it’s not directly directed at me then I don’t respect it.!' Isn’t these your words, fraud! The King of Subliminal’s. Your whole life is a lie."

Choke then went on to call Jay Z a fake follower of Islam and claimed that his verse was ghostwritten by Sauce Money, writing:

"Now you got a Gat AND YOU BRAZY! N*gga Stop! Who Blooded you in? Now you a Muslim Blood. What you got the bandanna over the Kufi? Hova The Hypercrit(e)! Y’all young niggaz better keep this nigga out the studio with y’all. Y’all got this n*gga talking like he active now. He really thinks he the Big Homey. I know you took over L.A. so what now you Suge? (Shonuff in the Last Dragon voice nigga pleassssee). Hey @darealsaucemoney Sauce are you Pen? A subliminal name for Ghostwriter? Sounds like it to me. On my song 'They Got To You' I say Jay-Z sold his soul. This nigga said I didn’t sell my soul them niggaz sold their souls to me. Good for y’all dumb n*ggaz. Basically y’all on his d*ck."

Choke then closed out his caption claiming Drake took his sauce, writing:

"Anyway if that’s all you had for me you better come better. You losing it HOVY Baby! @champagnepapi must of took ya heart doing that video in Marcy. Where’s the Takeover Jay??? You get 2 mics for that weak subliminal diss."

While Choke No Joke has found a lane and fellowship as an avid YouTuber, Roc Nation and Jay Z are currently combating the coronavirus, gun violence, and more. Check out Choke No Joke's full response to Jay Z's "Ghost of Soulja Slim" verse in the Instagram post provided below.