HNHH recently connected with Sprite for the ongoing Live From The Label series, which aims to highlight emerging talent through a series of live stream concerts. Centered around three headlining shows from Saweetie, Latto, and Jack Harlow, each performance will feature an up-and-coming opening act, with the aim of catapulting their careers up another rung in the ladder.

With Live From The Label set to kick off Thursday, July 29th with Latto's performance, her opening act will be CHLOTHEGOD, a talented singer-songwriter who has steadily built up a loyal following. We had the chance to catch up with her ahead of the big performance for a special Sprite edition of On The Come-Up. 

Hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, CHLOTHEGOD describes her stomping grounds as a military town. "My dad was in the military for a while," she explains. "I got the best of both worlds -- the army brat life and the civilian life. I was born there and moved around a little bit." She notes that she actually graduated from the same high school as J. Cole. "There's a lot of hometown hero energy," she smiles. "A lot of love for the Ville."

CHLO also opens up some of the defining moments in her music career so far, singling out a few as being major catalysts for success. "I was in college, trying to decide what I wanted to do," she explains. "I dropped a project, my very first project, The Story Behind, and it was received really well. I remember gaining ten thousand followers, and people being like where are you going to be at, we'll come and see you. Me and my best friend packed ourselves in my Jetta and took ourselves on a ten-city tour. We did Air B&B house shows, and people came."

As for dream collaborations, CHLO's first pick is likely shared by many young artists. "I would love to collaborate with Andre 3000," she says. "I think eccentrically and lyrically, he's just cool. Legendary and influential to the culture. Pharrell in production is a dream. Erykah Badu is one of my biggest idols, Jill Scott is one of my biggest idols. The people I look up to in music feel like home to me. They're people I either grew up listening to, people that have lasted a really long time. I'm really interested in learning. I want to be an impactful artist and last long, as they have."

For those looking for an introduction to CHLO she muses that "See Me" has probably been her most impactful song. "I've watched interviews where artists will say their most popular song will get on your nerves," she says. "I'm really grateful because I love 'See Me' to this day, and it's been five years. I hope I can make music that can last forever."

"The process for 'See Me' was a very honest one. It's just corny immature tales -- I was out and linking up with this guy, and I was waiting at the place we were going to meet and another girl walked in and said she was waiting for the same guy. I just remember being really crushed, and really hurt. I felt really small." Though the guy attempted to turn the table on her, she ultimately found solace in the studio that same night. "I left from what was supposed to be our date, straight to the studio -- and I wrote 'See Me.'"

For more from CHLO, be sure to catch the entire video up above, and let us know if you'll be putting her on your radar moving forward.