Chloe x Halle continue to display their unbelievable talent with their latest cover medley, in which they've flawlessly mashed up Lauryn Hill, TLC, and Aaliyah with their new single, "Do It." The songstress sisters shared the video to Instagram, indicating that these were just a handful of the artists whose music had serve as inspiration for their upcoming sophomore album, Ungodly Hour, dropping tomorrow (June 12th).

In the clip, Chloe pays keyboard while she and her younger sister, Halle, harmonize with ease. They begin with some of Ms. Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" before interjecting a snippet of Aaliyah's "More Than A Woman." They then shift gears by taking on TLC's "Creep," blending it with their latest single, "Do It," which dropped last month.

chloe x halle bailey aaliyah lauryn hill tlc do it new single sophomore album ungodly hourEmma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Last Monday (June 1st), Chloe x Halle announced that they would be postponing the release of Ungodly Hour in light of recent events. The album was originally slated to drop last Friday, June 5th, but they decided to delay it until June 12th "in solidarity of all the beautiful black lives lost." The duo explained their reasoning in a video posted to their social media channels.

"Over these past few days we’ve been really angry and we’ve been hurting and physically shaken up over everything that’s been going on," Chloe said in the video. "With that being said, my sister and I felt like it was only right to postpone our album that was supposed to be coming this Friday, June 5 and we’ll be moving it to June 12. In honour of all the lives lost in police brutality, we felt like it was right to postpone, and fully shine our attention and our work on them."

"Music has been used for a long time to bring us joy and healing in difficult times like this," Halle added. "We’re all going through this together."