Less than a week ago, Chloe x Halle released their latest album Ungodly Hour. It was a sonic shift for fans as the singing sisters showed their maturity and growth, but one track, in particular, captured the attention of listeners. On "Busy Boy" the girls sing, I think I just stumbled on your girlfriend's page/Congratulations/She sayin' that the baby comin' any day.” Also, on "Do It," they sing, "No drama, no baby mamas.”

Chloe x Halle, Diggy Simmons
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

Chloe Hailey was rumored to be dating Diggy Simmons, who also was her Grown-ish co-star. The pair of singers sat down for an interview with 95.7 Jamz radio station and were asked about "Busy Boy." When pegged with the question regarding the Diggy Simmons drama, Chloe offered her politically correct answer while sister Halle couldn't help but emote.

"What I love about creating music is that we can kind of just put our experiences in the music, and that's how we share our personal lives," Chloe said. "And it's fun because our fans can kind of see what we've been dealing with. Yeah." Then, Chloe x Halle confirmed that they're both single. Diggy, 25, keeps a pretty low profile when it comes to his personal life, so if fans are waiting for him to confirm or deny the news, they may be waiting for sometime. Check out the interview below.