Chloe Bailey once told her followers, “music is my man,” during an Instagram Live session, but now it seems that the “Have Mercy” singer is ready to be more open about her romantic preferences. Earlier today, the 23-year-old logged on to Twitter to clarify what she’s looking for in a man.

The whole discussion started when @__Thirst22 tweeted out a screenshot of a headline that reads “Chloe Bailey Reveals Doesn’t Like When A Guy Answers Every Time She Calls: ‘I Want To Be Left Wondering What You’re Doing’.” “Women gettin weirder and weirder out’chea,” they wrote on top of the picture.

Bailey somehow came across the post, and felt inclined to clarify. “I meant if someone is really on their grind, working hard on themselves, they won’t always be available.”

She then shared that she’s not always available because she dedicates time to working on herself. “Ofc I want you to answer my calls x respond and be all up under me, but it’s also sexy 2 know someone is working towards something great and is busy 2.”

The replies to the Atlanta native’s post are divided between men letting her know that they meet her qualifications, people telling her that she doesn’t have to explain herself to a “sports account,” and others affirming her feelings by letting her know that they feel the exact same way.

Elsewhere, Bailey has been busy basking in the glory of her first solo single. During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, she shared that people comparing her to Beyoncé makes her feel “grateful,” and that she chats with the mega star about “anything and everything.”

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