Chinx (formerly Chinx Drugz) is next in line for the Coke Boys crew, and he's already begun his plans to break through. The rapper spoke with XXL concerning his debut album, as well as how he's selecting his label.

“I’m working on a bunch of deal situations," he said, indicating that he's not taking advice from anyone when choosing his label. "I control everything as far as where I want to go. Nobody is gonna tell me where they want me to go. It’s a partnership, wherever I decide to sign to.

The New York spitter also let go of the title of his upcoming debut album, which will come after the new installment in his Cocaine Riot series. “My album will be titled Welcome To JFK," he revealed. "Cause my part of Queens is right by the airport so whenever you coming to New York, you gotta come through where I’m from.”

View the cover for Chinx's Cocaine Riot 4 mixtape in the gallery above.