Comedian Tiffany Haddish has developed a reputation of over-sharing her personal life by offering up tidbits of intimate moments in exchange for laughs. While many times her remarks are publicly ignored by her fellow celebrities who find their interactions with the Girls Trip star to be the punchlines of her jokes, rapper Chingy didn't want his name involved in what he says are lies.

The Night School actress recently visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and participated in a funny "Burning Questions" segment that put Haddish in the hot seat. She was asked questions about what she looks for in a man and what she likes to do naked, but when she questioned about dating a celebrity, Haddish's answer surprised a few hip hop fans.

"Chingy...I mean, it was a hook up," Haddish said with a smile. "That was the early 2000s, y'all. I don't even know if that counts anymore," she added before both she and Ellen began singing Chingy's hit song, "Right Thurr." The rapper cleared the air over on his Instagram page where he shared a video clip of the talk show moment with a caption denied he and Haddish were ever together.

"Now @tiffanyhaddish knows damn well that’s a lie an since she lied I’m a tell the truth she use to hook up with my brother not me but she liked me," he wrote. "Hey if we gone be honest let’s be honest😎 #chingy #facts #juslikethat." It's obvious that Chingy doesn't want his name tied up in any more rumors. Check out the clip below.