A Chinese rapper is facing some serious backlash right now after he severed off a piece of his finger in an attempt to prove his innocence. According to Billboard, Chinese rapper Beibei, who's known in the battle rap circuit, was accused of being sexually involved with his fans. The rapper went on livestream and pledged to prove his innocence by cutting off a piece of his finger. Although the act of cutting off his finger didn't show during the stream, he later showed the piece of his finger that he cut off.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Beibei said he's been subject to intense cyberbullying due to the allegations. However, even in his attempt to shut down the rumors, he stirred up even more controversy and backlash for what he did online. But it's not only the Chinese online community that's appalled with his actions. China -- a country is known for its strict Internet regulations -- is now cracking down on the hip-hop community in the country.

The streaming platform that Beibei used, Yizhibo, informed the authorities about the livestream and also banned him. The livestream was ultimately a violation of China's Internet regulations laws. Because of Beibei's video, other rappers are now being banned from the Chinese Association of Performing arts, according to inside sources. 

China's already taken issue with the hip-hop scene in the country. They previously banned tattoos and hip-hop from television.