While some health advisors have attempted to debunk the dangers of the novel coronavirus, other major media publications have declared the virus a pandemic. The disease has officially found its way Stateside allegedly via international flights which has resulted in mass hysteria from travelers all around the world. Now, CNN is reporting that Li Wenliang Ph.D., the Chinese doctor that was categorized as a 'whistleblower' behind the coronavirus, has passed away according to the Wuhan Central Hospital.


During the time the doctor worked at the Wuhan Hospital, he attempted to warn the general public via a medical school alumni group chat on WeChat about seven patients that suffered from 'SARS-like' symptoms. Ultimately, the disease was identified as the novel coronavirus on Dec. 30, which led to Dr. Wenliang being targeted by the local authorities for allegedly engaging in 'rumor-mongering.'

Despite the information not being verified until earlier this month, on Jan. 12, Li Wenliang was hospitalized after catching the virus from a patient. According to The Guardian, Conflicting stories of the doctor's death arose yesterday as the Chinese state-owned Global Times was the first to report on the death of the doctor on Thursday, Feb. 6, while other publications revealed he was in critical condition.

Prior to the doctor's death being verified, Dr. Mike Ryan, the executive director of the World Health Organization (WHO)'s Health Emergencies, expressed his condolences about Wenliang's passing publicly stating at a press conference in Geneva:

"We should celebrate his life and mourn his death along with colleagues." Dr. Ryan later clarified that he had, "no information on the status of Dr. Li," after finding out the doctor was in critical condition.

Li Wenliang, Ph.D. is one of eight of the initial coronavirus whistleblowers in China. According to NBCNews, as of Thursday (Feb. 6), the global death count for the novel coronavirus has reached 565, with a total of 28,000 cases of the virus detected in China, and twelve cases in the United States of America.

Check out the official BBC News report on the death of novel coronavirus whistleblower, Ph.D. Li Wenliang in the video provided below.