Last week a new Chinese sneaker company called Uncle Martian entered the scene. While this isn’t news in its own right, the new brand has gotten a pretty big side-eye from the industry because of its similarity to Under Armour. The Uncle Martian logo is strikingly similar to Under Armour’s.

China has its fair share of knock-off brands, but this one is particularly bold by trying to appear as a legitimate company. Under Armour, which launched in China in 2010, has taken exception and told Sole Collector that it plans to take legal action against Uncle Martian.

Under Armour’s full statement reads: “Under Armour is aware of the Uncle Martian launch event. Uncle Martian’s use of Under Armour’s famous logo, name, and other intellectual property are a serious concern and a blatant infringement. Under Armour will vigorously pursue all business and legal courses of action.”

Despite Uncle Martian’s apparent brazen copycat branding their parent company Fuijian Tingfeilong Sports Goods Co., Ltd, has denied there’s anything illegal going on. “We’re focusing on developing our own brand, and our brand has nothing to do with theirs at all,” said Zheng Maoxin, head of marketing. “I wouldn’t comment on those online rumors. Our brand has been authorized by the Administration for Industry and Commerce, so how does that not count?”

We aren’t sure China’s government entities can decide things for the whole world, as much as they’d like that.