China has announced its latest partnership with the United States to help impede the distribution of opioids into America via postal service. Congressional investigators have found that Chinese opioid manufacturers have found a way to manipulate the particularly lax US Postal screening process to ship a large volume of illicit drugs to American drug dealers. 

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reveals that "anti-drug coordination is one of the highlights of China-US law enforcement cooperation," as the Chinese government will "stand ready to work with the US to enhance our coordination in this field."

A year-long study conducted by Senate investigators has revealed that Chinese distributors are routinely, and successfully, utilizing freight options when delivering drugs such as fentanyl to American buyers. This illicit drug trade has essentially found sufficient loopholes in a government service that has failed to fully implement an electronic data system that will help detect suspicious shipments. 

With the influx of e-commerce packages constantly crossing the US border, investigators have noted how of the 300 million packages arriving within the country last year, only a third had electronic information properly sent to the postal service database. 

However, postal service officials have noted that they've gotten better at vetting questionable shipments, as they will "continue to work tirelessly to address this serious societal issue," according to spokesman David Partenheimer.