TLC's Chilli has never been an overly-provocative celebrity like many other women who enjoy showing off their assets. The singer has often sported a sexy tomboy look but when she had to strip down for Carnival on Girls Cruise, the Grammy winner admitted that she was feeling insecure. On the reality show, the women are gearing up for Carnival, a celebration that includes parades in the streets, live music, and elaborate costumes. Women often wear brightly colored revealing outfits that are adorned with feathers and jewels.

In a clip from Girls Cruise, the ladies say that they're ready for the party, but Chilli shares that she's not completely pleased with her costume. "It's gonna be uncomfortable. We're gonna have to figure some things out," she said. "Making sure that it's not too skimpy. I don't want my buttocks hanging out. My little A's need to be covered. They say small booties matter, too. Small boobs matter, also. And I need them covered up."

Pretty Vee also shared her discomfort with wearing the barely-there Carnival celebration attire because she's insecure about certain parts of her body, as well. However, she said she's learning to realize that's she's enough. Many celebrities have enjoyed Carnival and have shared their sexy outfits including Ashanti, Winnie Harlow, Gabrielle Union, Tatyana Ali, and last but not least, Rihanna. Check out a few of their costumes below.