The scope of Donald Glover's artistic vision extends beyond the traditional. With a seemingly boundless well of creativity from which to draw, Gambino has been increasingly busy of late, forging out a unique and eclectic musical path. Now, he's come through and delivered an innovative means of discovering his "Algorythm" song, which has been a recent staple during some of his live shows. According to Pitchfork, Gambino's unreleased single can be heard by downloading his Augmented Reality Android app "Pharos," and experiencing the "reality" with headphones. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Should you be interested in hearing the official version of "Algorythm," all you need to do is download the App and partake accordingly. It's not entirely dissimilar to Radiohead's "Polyfauna," which launched back in 2014. With "Pharos," users will find themselves staring at a 3D world, where they can trigger aural phenomena by pointing their screen at neon symbols. Eventually, you'll be able to build the full song, which may prove too large an ask for the impatient folk. 

How do you feel about experimental releases such as this? Are you feeling it, or are you simply hear for the streaming?