Childish Gambino doesn't always open up in interviews, he usually lets people know how he truly feels through his music, poems, or Twitter rants. The only exception however, is when he sits down with his friend Peter Rosenberg, who gets Yung Donald to really explain himself and what he thinks about a wide range of topics. As usual, Gambino's take on most topics is quite polarizing, mainly because he doesn't feel the need to cater his views on anything to anyone. 

On the topic of Ferguson, MO Gambino touched on how the internet only cared about what was happening for a short time. He said, "Ferguson is still happening, America is still happening, but that was when people cared 3 weeks ago. That's when people were talking about it."

When asked about the controversial poem he wrote on the subject he said, "That poem was about freedom. It really was. It was about freedom. That’s what I wrote and I—People were upset. But yeah, good. A poem should make you [upset]. Like when was the last time someone wrote a poem that made you feel bad like crazy? That was my heart. That’s how I felt in the moment…I just wanted to write about—I wanted to show how freedom is something that’s so great when you feel it. Like I felt it. I feel it on stage…I don’t hardly remember when I’m on stage most of the time. Cause it’s like freedom."

On the topic of his music, he looked back on his Because The Internet album and said, "It’s a pop album essentially. We never wanted to make a rap album." When asked about the amount of singing he does on the album, he answered, "I’ve talked about this before. Rap is done. Rap is done. I love Hip Hop. I love rap, but the thing it was supposed to do it doesn’t do anymore. Like I love it as a music. It’s the same thing as like jazz. Jazz when it was doing what it was supposed to do. And people still listen to jazz now, but it doesn’t have—It’s not doing the social work it’s supposed to do anymore. And that’s not because it’s gotten bad…It’s just a different movement. Whatever movement is happening now—Like I would like to think I’m a leader of whatever movement is happening. People call it ‘new black.’ People call it whatever, but I don’t want to name it cause it’s bs to name it. As soon as it gets named that’s when you start marketing it. And it’s like ‘Ah, this is hipster.’ Cause hipster was cool until it became hipster...And then it became monetized. Same thing with Hip Hop. So, whatever this thing is. Whatever’s happening. Like whenever Jaden Smith tells me he’s like ‘I’m real excited for whatever’s happening.’ He can feel it. I can feel it.”

You can catch the full interview in the video below, and make sure you follow Childish Gambino on Twitter so you don't miss his next rant/poem.

via HHDX