Yesterday, we learned that Donald Glover might not be calling himself Childish Gambino for much longer. As that's the only rap name we know him by, this came as a bit of a shock, but it's far from the first surprising move of his career. Ever the unconventional MC, Gambino is always throwing people for a loop, whether due to unexpected collaborations, attention-getting soundbites from interviews or highly opinionated tweets. By this point, his fans know to expect the unexpected.

It's currently unclear what Glover's new rap alias will be (or if he's even changing it for sure), but we thought we'd take this opportunity to look back on what has been one of the most unorthodox and consistently surprising careers this side of Kanye West's. In the same interview that he discussed the possible name change, Glover said, "I look at my life like something you should be able to paint," and if that's the case, what an abstract piece of work this is. Read on to reminisce on Glover's most unexpected career moves.