Childish Gambino surprised us when he announced he was working on a new mixtape, referencing his native Stone Mountain in the ATL, STN MTN/KAUAI. Gambino previously said that he felt like the tape was the "the first concept mixtape ever," and that it would transition from a mixtape into an EP, but now in a recent sit-down with Complex, he's explained this concept even further. In addition, he speaks on what's going on with his collaborative effort with Chance The Rapper.

"It’s a Gangsta Grillz mixtape that goes into an EP. The Gangsta Grillz mixtape is a dream, and the dream ends when I wake up in Kauai. And they go into each other; it’s one complete project. You can download the mixtape and you can go buy the EP. The money from the EP goes to help keeping Kauai clean," Gambino says. "It's a cool project." 

This is actually something similar to what P. Reign did recently, dropping his Dear America mixtape and a commercial EP together.

As for that Chance The Rapper EP, that won't be coming for awhile, as Donald Glover says, "we're both really busy. Chance is kinda doing his own thing with the college tour, and right now it just doesn't feel like the time. We're in two different spaces." 

Peep the full interview here.

[UPDATE: Tape Drops]

Well, that was sooner than we expected. Instead of just hearing Gambino talking about the tape/EP, you can actually listen or download STN MTN below. KAUAI to hit iTunes later today.