Yesterday, Childish Gambino turned heads when he bleached his beard blonde, causing a social media uproar with many people questioning his decision. The artist has kept a relatively consistent look for his entire career so to see him making such a drastic change in his style had us all a little confused. Perhaps the bleached beard is for an upcoming acting role? Who knows. In more important Childish Gambino news, the rapper has just been made available as a Playmoji on the Google Pixel. 

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

According to Hypebeast, Donald Glover is the latest Playmoji that you can chill with on the Pixel. Using Augmented Reality technology, you can dance next to Childish to three of his biggest songs: "Redbone," "Summertime Magic" and, of course, "This Is America." The AR stickers actually respond to facial expressions too, acting as a direct competition to Apple's Animojis. Google teamed up with Glover and his choreographers to make sure the authenticity was there and judging from the video example, it's pretty spot-on.

If you've ever wanted to bust a move with Donald Glover and you've got a Google Pixel, it's your lucky day. The musician will be honoured at tomorrow night's Grammy Awards. However, it's unclear if he will be present after turning down a performance offer.