Earlier this week, Childish Gambinorevealed his long-awaited collaboration with Adidas to the world. The shoe is called the Adidas Nizza and has a pretty interesting aesthetic. With a frayed upper, the shoe looks like it's been used and torn right out of the box. In many ways, the sneaker matches what you would expect from Childish, who has never gone for the clean-cut look.

A release date and additional colorways have not been announced yet, but it seems as though some lucky fans are getting their hands on the shoe early. Of course, this weekend is Coachella and the party has already started. Childish will be one of the people performing at the weekend-long concert and he's started blessing fans with a pair of his shoes.

Instagram user @seanmchugh3 shared pictures today of Donald Glover airdropping him a picture of the Adidas Nizza sneaker. If you accept the transmission, you get a prompt telling you where you can go to get the shoes. Pretty awesome right?

We're not sure how many lucky fans will be able to get their hands on these, but for now, we recommend you keep your AirDrop on throughout the weekend. You never know who may try to send you some sneakers.