The New York Post has learned that a forty-three-year-old daycare proprietor in Minneapolis has been sentenced to ten years probation for trying to asphyxiate a toddler with a noose.  Nataliia Karia learned of her fate this past Monday after previously pleading guilty to attempted murder and third-degree assault charges. Worse yet, Karia pleaded guilty to additional charges relating to a criminal vehicular charge stemming from a hit and run in 2016 which resulted in injuries for a cyclist, a pedestrian, and another driver.

The Judge presiding over the case considered quite fortunate to escape any charges for either incident, thus describing the court's decision as a "Perfect Storm" of circumstances. For one, the infant escaped with his life after a parent intervened upon entering the establishment she had left some time before. The 10 year probationary sentence has been measured as 20 months worth of jail time. The court ruled in favor of mental health treatment and electronic home monitoring as opposed to subjected Karia to prison life. In doing so, the Judge agreed with the tribunal's decision that she was a low risk to re-offend.

Nataliia Karia's attorney spoke frankly about his gratefulness towards the sympathetic ruling, adding that he and his client "came in here with our hearts in our throats." Karia weeped uncontrollably as she read a statement filled with remorse (in her native tongue or Russian), closing with “I thank God nobody died," before leaving the courtroom a "relatively" free person.