Despite taking a break from social media to cleanse herself and take care of her mental health, Chika returned following the release of J. Cole's new single, critiquing him for what he had to say about Noname. The always-outspoken rapper took to Twitter to get a weight off her shoulders.

"'Help us get up to speed,'" she wrote, mimicking J. Cole. "Sir. all you n***as got wifi. i’m disappointed. but not shocked. what else would 2020 like to tell me i can’t enjoy? if a man was saying half the shit our good sis was saying, nobody would be concerned with her tone. imagine telling someone to treat the ignorant like children while critiquing their tone... like a child?"

Chika goes on to remind people that she has cited J. Cole as one of her favorite rappers, but she notes that she can still critique him for this move. 

"It’s condescending as fuck & tone deaf. like... is that really the problem right now?" she asked. "This is one of my favorite rappers... doing this... FOR. WHAT?"

She then goes on to state that she stopped publicly stanning Cole when he sat down for a conversation with Lil Pump and asked us to "pray for Tekashi [6ix9ine]."

"I should’ve known when he said pray for tekashi. i blame MYSELF," she says.

Later in the day, she got into a back-and-forth with Talib Kweli about the song.

Do you think Chika has a point?